• We have some exciting news! •

The Dr. Leslie Tubb Spay/Neuter Project is officially underway! We are so excited to be offering a low-cost program in our community that desperately needs it. We will be working with our good friends at Crossroads Animal Hospital and cannot wait to serve Lafayette County and the surrounding communities. 

For many people in our area, spaying and neutering an animal is simply not affordable. Our team is dedicated to addressing this city and county wide need. In choosing this course, we are not just managing the problem. We are a fundamental part of the solution. That gives us hope and a real positive reason to go to work each day. 

In addition to low-cost spays and neuters we will also be offering rabies vaccinations, microchips, nail trims. We welcome all dogs and cats no matter where they call home. We will be doing surgeries only on Tuesdays & Thursdays to begin with. To schedule your appointment, please fill out an application on our website under 'Spay & Neuter' and 'Request an Appointment'.  Please be patient with scheduling as we only have limited spaces available. You can find us on Facebook, twitter, and instagram @tubbproject. 

Thank you for supporting our mission! 

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