General Information

Veterinarian Clinic

The Tubb Project offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for dogs and cats. We will be working with the staff at Crossroads Animal Hospital. Check out their website at to see their services. CROSSROADS IS NOT IN CHARGE OF THE TUBB PROJECT. We are separate from their clinic and are very grateful for their help. 

Scheduling & Contact Information

To schedule your appointment, please fill out the application under 'Request an Appointment' on our website. Please allow us 5-7 business days to schedule your appointment. Appointments are made on a first come, first served basis.  

Pre-Surgery Care

If your pet has had any unusual symptoms 7 days prior to their surgery date, please let us know immediately! These symptoms include but are not limited to coughing, sneezing, diarrhea, eye drainage, fever, vomiting, limping, and nasal discharge.

If your animal has recently had puppies/kittens or is in heat, please let us know immediately. If your pet is pregnant, the pregnancy will be terminated. There will be an additional fee for this. See price list. 

If your animal has ever been diagnosed with a condition, sedated, had a reaction to a vaccine or medication, or had a seizure in their lifetime, please let us know immediately. 

Please do not feed your animal anything after 8 PM the night before surgery and nothing the morning of surgery. They can have water. 

Drop Off & Pick Up

All animals MUST be dropped off in an adequate wire or plastic kennel. If you do not have a kennel, please let us know at least ONE WEEK in advance so we can accommodate you. 

Written proof of a current rabies vaccination is required and must accompany the animal at drop-off. Failure to provide written proof will result in the administration of a rabies vaccination for an additional $10 charge. RABIES TAGS WILL NOT SUFFICE AS PROOF OF CURRENT RABIES VACCINATION. Please contact us before the day of your surgery if you have any questions on what qualifies as adequate proof of rabies vaccination. 

Drop-off time is between 8:30-9 A.M. at Crossroads Animal Hospital located at 466 MS-6, Oxford, MS, 38655. 

Pick up time is between 4-4:30 P.M. and is also at Crossroads Animal Hospital. 

Please park on the right side of the building if possible and text 662-832-7633 when you arrive for both drop-off and pick-up. The office inside will be busy with their own drop-offs and pick-ups so we try to stay out of their way as best as possible. Our manager will meet you at your car to get your animal checked in and will bring them inside.

Payment will be taken at pick-up. We are only accepting cash at the moment. The price you receive when scheduling your appointment is only an estimate and is subject to change. This price depends on accurate weight of animal (only for dogs) at the clinic and if there are any complications during surgery (dogs & cats). Please see the price list and weigh your animal prior to their appointment to get a more accurate estimate. If your animal is in heat, pregnant, or cryptorchid there will be an additional charge of $20. 

Post-Surgery Care

Indoors only for 7-10 days - dogs can be walked outside on a leash to go to the bathroom. 

NO RUNNING, JUMPING, OR ROUGH PLAY AT ALL for 7-10 days after surgery. 

Feed only regular food the night of surgery - no special foods or treats (can be given starting the day after surgery). 

Check incision daily - look for redness, swelling, or draining. If you see any of these signs, call YOUR REGULAR VET.

The incision is held together with dissolvable sutures and medical glue and does NOT have to be taken out. 

NO BATH for 7-10 days, no ointment on incision and do not cover incision with anything. 

NO LICKING the incision AT ALL. An e-collar (especially for male dogs) is recommended and should be worn for 7-10 days after surgery. 

All pets will have a green line near the incision, which is a tattoo for identifying that your pet has been spayed or neutered.  


Call/text: 662-832-7633


Message us on Facebook: @tubbproject


Surgery Waiver (pdf)